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2018 Audi Innovation Awards Winner

Winner announced
Audi innovation award 2018

The winner has been announced for the third Audi Innovation Award. The competition, led by Audi Middle East in partnership with Dubai Design Week, aims to empower regional designers while archiving intellectual progress in the region.

Submissions for 2018 are now closed.

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The following applicants made the top 3 of 2018


The following applicants made the top 5 of 2017


The following applicants made the top 5 of 2016


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Elias El Soueidi

Ruin to Reality (R2R) is an application that would allow access to virtual 3d models of historical buildings and cultural sites.

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Andrea Sensoli

CyRCLE is proposed as a modern-day shelter and provides an enhanced means of communication.

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Connect to Thrive:
Abdhul Hazeeb HZB

Connect to Thrive is an enclosed interior space proposed as place of solitude and calm.

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EZ move:
Jamal Alsharkas

EZ move is the first innovation of its kind to finally give mobility and visually impaired people freedom of movement and the dignity of being in control of their own destination.

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iLuminating Light:
Benjamin Piper

iLuminating Space’ is a digital light projection system that augments physical spaces with intelligent lighting and digital content / information.

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Monumental Shadow:
Ricardas Blazukas

Monumental Shadow: an autonomous design that blends function, aesthetics and integrity of design to create a high quality social space representing modern day living.

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Hussein Aljabi

Tito Store is a storage unit (Cabinet) that automates user movement by adjusting the cabinet’s accessibility height to the ergonomic level of the user.

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Aribiton Abby Kalio

Duukoma is an autonomous book reading stand designed to implement freedom of hand and body placement, and ensuring maximum physical comfort is achieved.

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One Handed Tableware Set:
Sahar Madanat Design Studio

A dining set with an integrated anchorage system that grants one-handed users support in cutting their food. The bottom surface of the plate is lined with a non-slip material to help fix the plate in position when cutting without the need of a counter force.


Dubai Metro-Bike Flyover:
Mansour Attia

Metro-Bike fly-over proposes a solution for dealing with Dubai's vehicle based lifestyle, lack of safe cycling lanes and abandoned spaces under metro bridges. By adding a cycling path to Sheikh Zayed Road, the Metro-Bike path will establish cycling as prime alternative method of transportation across the city.


Gaudi System:
Nick Karintzaidis

The design was born from the idea of how to provide maximum flexibility that reflects the individual lifestyle, helping to tell the story of a space and the people who occupy it, while addressing issues of energy efficiency and subsequently money saving.

Sadeem Wireless Sensing Systems:

Sadeem specializes in high performance flood sensing systems for smart city applications. The objective is to enable real-time monitoring of floods in cities (including flash floods), solving a critical societal problem, and facilitating the emergency response in the event of a flood through a suite of location-based services.

Fortuné Penniman

ATMOS is a project that re-visits the traditional Sebil Fountain with the capabilities of extracting drinkable water and cool-air from the atmosphere. A canopy that channels the unique climate of the Gulf into comfortable conditions for gathering outdoors. ATMOS is a space for gathering and respite, embedded within the culture of a place, but adapted to the technologies of today. ATMOS will utilize Atmospheric Water Generation technology (AWG), to harvest drinkable water from the air.

‘EZ Move’ for Second Audi Innovation Award

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Audi Innovation Award 2017 winners ceremony.

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An Adrenalin Fuelled Judging Session Determines the Second Audi Innovation Award Winner

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Audi Innovation Award Submission Deadline extended to 1 October 2017

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Audi the most innovative brand in the Automotive Innovations Award 2017

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2017 Audi Innovation Award Registrations are now open

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Audi Innovation Award, Judge Meeting, 29th January 2017

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Dubai Design Week, 24-29 October 2016 0000000000 00000 00 000 0000000000

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Global Grad Show - 24-29 October 2016 0000000000 00000 00 000 0000000000

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The Audi Innovation Award is a competition for design research and the highlighting of innovative ideas. The competition, led by Audi Middle East in partnership with Dubai Design Week, aims to empower regional designers while archiving intellectual progress in the region.

The purpose of the prize is to act as a design and technology industry motivator in the GCC and Levant regions. The theme of the competition is 'Connections'.

The competition seeks to empower regional designers while archiving annual intellectual progress. The award acts as a mark of outstanding achievement, celebrating the exchange of ideas, investing in the collective by empowering a future family of change makers.

The theme 'Connections' has been announced for the third Audi Innovation Award.

Connectivity is defined as 'bringing things together', or 'how things relate to one another'. Its contemporary meaning reflects technology's increasing ability to provide a means through which users and their products and/or service providers are able to identify preferences and behaviour.

Entrants are encouraged to design products that focus on the action of connecting two or more things or by designing the connections themselves.

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The prize to the winning designer of the Audi Innovation Award will include a trophy and a trip to the Audi factory in Ingolstadt, Germany to experience the automotive design journey at their company headquarters. In addition to this, Audi Middle East will award $25,000 worth of consultancy to cover items such as IP registration, legal counselling and business development. The progressive automotive company will work closely with their partners at Dubai Design Week to provide design advice and mentoring to ensure the winning design is protected and given every opportunity for further development.

Shortlisted candidates will be given $2,500 towards the presentation of their concept model that is to be exhibited at Dubai Design Week in 2018.

AIA roadshows

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31 March

(Design Week)

2 – 6 May


18 - 25 May

(Design week)

21 - 28 June

Abu Dhabi / Ithra (Jeddah)



The submissions will be judged based on Degree of Innovation, Appearance, Impact, Emotional Content and Environmental Impact.

Led by: Hani Asfour. Hani Asfour is a MIT and Harvard-trained architect with over 20 years of experience. Prior to joining Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI), he was an Adjunct Faculty member at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Founding President of the Beirut Creative Cluster, advisor to Beirut Design Week and Founding Partner of Polypod, an award-winning multi-disciplinary collaborative design studio in Beirut, Lebanon. Hani plays a key role in leading the judging panel discussions during the voting process and steering the design debate with his valuable experience and input."

Mitra Khoubrou. Co-founder of Dubai based Pink Tank with extensive involvement in economic and cultural issues throughout the Middle East. Mitra Khoubrou co-founded Pink Tank in 2008. At Pink Tank, she concentrates on the development of research and strategic alliances in the Gulf region. Her responsibilities include strategic insight and advisory services, content development and project management.

Salem Al-Qassimi is a designer, entrepreneur, and an Assistant Professor of Design at the American University of Sharjah. He earned an MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), during which he also served as a teaching assistant and instructor. Al-Qassimi founded Fikra Design Studio in 2006 — an award-winning multidisciplinary design studio. Fikra's work investigates, and promotes the culture and identity of the region through its design work, and educational programs.

Carsten Bender. With over 18 years’ experience with Audi AG, Carsten joins Audi Middle East as the Brand Director in the Middle East region. His career with the Four Rings has included achievements in the field as Sales Manager for Australia, New Zealand, Japan and as the Sales Director for both Eastern and Western European regions. He returns to the Middle East, where he held the position of Audi Middle East Sales Director from 2009-2011, to lead the Audi brand in the region where he will directly head the Audi business across 11 Middle East countries.

William Knight is the Managing Director and Head of Design of Art Dubai Group. In 2004, he joined the London Design Festival Ltd as Deputy Director. In 2012, he moved to Media 10 managing a portfolio of design trade events including 100% Design, the UK’s largest and longest running trade show, and Clerkenwell Design Week which was recently announced as the highest ranked UK design event in Dezeen’s Hot List.

Mohammad Saeed Al-Shehhi. Chief Operating Officer of Dubai Design District. Prior to d3, Mohammad held a number of prominent roles within the broadcast sector. In 2008 he was appointed was Deputy CEO at DMI where he was responsible for developing the organisation's corporate strategy and analysing operational and performance efficiencies. He also launched the first DMI native HD channels, developed DMI's state of the art technical infrastructure and led DMI's digital offering.

Dr. Noah Raford. Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Dubai Futures Foundation, and is an advisor on futures, foresight, and innovation at the UAE Prime Minister's Office. Noah helped establish the country's first national foresight unit, helped established the Dubai Future's Foundation and the Museum of the Future, and is part of a team that identifies emerging opportunities, develops strategic partnerships, and prototypes future initiatives for the Government of Dubai.

Aisha Alsager. Currently serves as Managing Director at AGi architects, where she oversees a number of projects spanning a range of program, scale, typology, complexity and overall firm strategy in Kuwait City. Prior to joining AGi, Alsager worked in Boston and New York on a variety of small and large-scale projects. Her experience includes web design, digital fabrication, material research, and temporary installations, to interiors, building, and urban design projects.

Amer Aldour. Trained in Architecture and Engineering. He worked in both fields before developing further interest in exploring the interface between technological innovations and architectural space. Amer recently started his own interactive design studio in dubai (inter.act design - The studio aims at creating experiential installations through deployment of innovative design and fabrication technologies - creating works that intersect the worlds of architecture, technology and design.

Sass Brown is the Founding Dean of Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI). Prior to joining DIDI, Brown was the Interim Dean for the Fashion Institute of Technology's School of Art and Design in New York. As a researcher, writer and educator, Brown's area of expertise is ethical fashion in all its forms from slow design and heritage craft skills to recycling, reuse and alternative business models.


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